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Published Work

  • Mapping Resolve in Crisis Bargaining Through Leader Public Statements: An Examination of the United States' Statements about Bosnia and Kosovo, European Security, forthcoming.

Work in Progress

  • Let Them Take a Bus Instead: On the Effects of Intimidation on Turnout and Vote Choice in Turkey. co-authored with Moral, Mert, Emre Toros, and Yasemin Tosun.

  • Democratic Peace Theory in Their Mind: Political Psychology of Trump and Obama on Modern Democracies and Non-Democracies, co-authored with Evgeniia Shahin and Sercan Canbolat.

  • Ministerial Declarations and Decisions: Text-as-Data Approach to Asses the Converging Economic Policies in WTO.

  • Foreign Aid and State Repression Against Nonviolent Protests, co-authored with Kerimcan Kavakli.

  • Playing Field Sets on Fire: Do Democratic Institutions Dilute Violence in Strategies of Secessionist Movements?, co-authored with Faruk Aksoy.

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